Adnoc Onshore will be testing a high temperature (up to 100 OC) corrosion resistant Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe(RTP) for use in multiphase oil pipeline applications with high Gas Oil Ratio (GOR) service. This is a test where 6”RTP product from M/s MTC will be installed aboveground (Surface Laid with berm) from wellhead to the manifolds. Project scope and operating envelope for the selected flowline includes Flowline Asab Sb-326 for 100°C @ 1320 Psi, and Flowline Asab Sb-363 93°C @ 1320 Psi.
In addition, Adnoc Onshore will be testing as well a high pressure & high temperature corrosion resistant Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe(RTP) for use in Water Injection applications. This is a test where 6” RTP product from M/s MTC will be installed aboveground (Surface Laid) from Water Injection Header to wellhead. Below is an overview of the scope and operating envelope for the selected flowline.


Asab Field is located in the desert area approximately 160 kilometers south of Abu Dhabi city being managed & operated by ADNOC Onshore. Sahil, Shah, and Qusahwira & Mender are considered as satellite fields to Asab and are located approximately 160, 200, 220 and 250 kilometers south of Abu Dhabi respectively. Mender field is recently commissioned and the oil is flowing to Asab CDS along with Qusahwira production.

Haliba field is another oil field 65 kilometer south of Asab, being developed by Al Dhafra Petroleum Operations Company Limited expected to be commissioned by year 2019. It will also become a satellite field to Asab.

ADNOC ONSHORE undertook Full Field Development (FFD) of Asab, Sahil, Shah, Qusahwira and Mender fields to increase production from them and provided facilities to cater for their operation until 2040. The FFD was to be implemented in several phases over a number of years in each field.

As the field’s water-cut increases with time, the maintenance of the Crude Oil flowlines has become a challenge. Internal Corrosion is becoming a major concern in terms of the Integrity of flowlines. With new challenging reservoirs, artificial drive mechanisms and enhanced oil recovery (EOR), the constituents of the stream being transported is becoming more corrosive. High levels of CO2 & H2S, increased water cuts, decreased flowrates and presence of bacteria are causing an increase in number of flowline leaks.

The integrity challenges could not be simply solved by conventional methods of pigging due to the numerous numbers of oil flowlines and requirements of operations and HSE.

The Oil flowlines in SHAH and Qusahwira is surface laid, whereas the flowlines in Mender are placed on sleepers supports. The existing pipeline material in all cases is bare carbon steel as per API 5L.

The scope of work for RTP deployment project for Crude Oil flowlines includes detailed engineering, material procurement, construction works pre-commissioning and provision of assistance and supervision during Construction, start-up and commissioning.

The scope also includes demolition and removal of the existing carbon steel flowlines.

The flowlines for the following wells are intended to be replaced as part of this PROJECT:

The new RTP Oil flowline shall be surface laid and covered with berm, installed suitable to the site corridor philosophy by keeping all mandatory safety clearance. The flowline shall be buried at road / rig crossings.

Above project was awarded by Adnoc Onshore to GAlfar Engineering & Contracting WLL Emirates an d the latter has issued then Letter of Award to MTC on 25th January 2022 to supply the required RTP pipes and fittings.

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