MTC Laboratory Facilities

All units are fully equipped with in-house quality control laboratory to carry out all short term and long term tests specified for RTP Pipes.
MTC’s QA/QC department assure the reliable and conformance of the manufactured products comply with API Specification 15S.

MTC maintains a system to ensure all testing, measuring and monitoring equipment owned & used by MTC are identified, controlled, maintained and calibrated and that inspection results obtain using such instrument are accurate and reliable.

We are Certified in

Certificate 15S-0012
Certificate Q1-4257
ISO 9001-2015 Certificate (MTC)
ISO 14001-2015 Certificate (MTC)
ISO 45001-2018 Certificate (MTC)
MTC Certificate of Conformity (API 15S)
ISO 45001
ISO9001 GB
ISO14001 GB