5-inch RTP Pipes (36km) Project in Kuwait

5-inch RTP Pipes
(36km) Project in Kuwait

In accordance with the requirements of the Contract between M/s MASTER TECH COMPANY and M/s ARABI ENERTECH KSC for Project No. 16053128, MTC supplied the ultimate thermoplastic pipe reinforced solution for 12km Flow lines and associated works in West Kuwait area. Ultimate performance and safely delivered. MTC also provide ideal swaged fittings to connect new pipeline to the existing infrastructure.

Due to ease of installation, small crew requirements and successful hydrotesting for the first 12km of 5-inch RTP pipeline, another 24km of 5-inch pipe was supplied by MTC and installed for water application at high pressure of 100 Bar and medium operating temperature of 65°C.

  • 5inch RTP pipe ready to dispatch to Kuwait
  • Kuwait
  • Construction Status : Completed